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The Platform for Visualizing Sound
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Featured in various media around the world!
TechCrunch 南カリフォルニア日系企業協会 JETRO VERTURE CAFE started KALDI
  • Selected as one of the WorldFestival 2023 Top 50
  • Selected as one of 8 companies in the Japan External Trade Organization's (JETRO) overseas startup support program.
  • Selected and participated in Start ED, the world's largest accelerator program based in New York.
  • Developed AI based on collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania and other research institutions around the world.

Solving the challenges of English conversation education

What’s Lingo Mii?
The English pronunciation platform 'Lingo Mii' visualizes 'sound' to achieve effective English pronunciation training that truly 'communicative'.
Lingo Mii Features
- Triple AIs for Optimal Education -
Visualize pronunciation to overcome weaknesses in English conversation!
Pronunciation Visualization AI
Until now, pronunciation evaluations were based on the intuition of face-to-face instructors. Now, they are quantified with scores. Moreover, the AI visualizes aspects like accent graphs, intonation points, and phonetic symbols (IPA), making it easier to pinpoint pronunciation issues. This not only dramatically improves educational efficiency and learning outcomes but also ensures consistent evaluations across different teachers and coaches.
Efficiently save time with speedy material creation!
Work Automation Generation AI
Not only can it load existing materials you've been using, but it can also swiftly produce original materials tailored to the student's level using the trending ChatGPI. Additionally, it automatically generates progress reports on learning.
Efficiently save time with speedy material creation!
Work Automation Generation AI
Not only can it load existing materials you've been using, but it can also swiftly produce original materials tailored to the student's level using the trending ChatGPI. Additionally, it automatically generates progress reports on learning.
Have a virtual version of the teacher converse with students?
Vitural Teacher AI
Create a virtual avatar of the teacher to engage in conversations with students. With the AI taking over the conversation on behalf of the teacher, the workload is significantly reduced! (Under development)
Currently highlighted in these areas!
I'm teaching English and training for speaking, but I don't have the resources for pronunciation because it's a face-to-face class with a teacher.
Students can learn independently,
reducing the need for staff resources!
It's hard to prepare different teaching materials every year, such as class-specific or individual curriculum! Commercial materials are not original...
Chat GPT and AI can semi-automate
the creation of original teaching materials!
Scoring a student's pronunciation performance is subjective to the coach, so there is no objective quantitative evaluation!
Conversation scoring is possible
by using speech AI technology!
Lingo Mii's technology provides
powerful support for
school management!
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    Q.How long does it take to get the system up and running?
  • First, a trial period of approximately 2 weeks is required to ensure that we can provide the best solution for your environment. After that, the service will be available approximately 10 days after signing the contract (depending on the scale of the project).
    Q.What do I need to prepare to use Lingo Mii?
  • To use Lingo Mii, you will need a stable Internet connection and a computer, tablet or smartphone.
    If your device does not have a microphone and speakers for audio input and output, you will need to prepare them separately.
    Q.Can I self-study pronunciation using Lingo Mii?
  • Lingo Mii has been developed mainly for use in English language classes and corporate training programs. Please sign up for Lingo Mii through a Lingo Mii classroom.
    Q.I am planning to use Lingo Mii for my first English teaching, but can I also use it for grammar and vocabulary study?
  • Sorry, Lingo Mii is an AI service that specializes in pronunciation training, so if you want to focus mainly on grammar or vocabulary teaching, we recommend a dedicated service.
User's Voice
I mainly teach English to students preparing for university entrance exams. Studying English for exams and developing practical English proficiency are considered two separate genres in Japan. However, English is English, and the most effective way to have learners attain both aims is to teach them to use accurate pronunciation and read English paragraphs aloud. However, it has been difficult to give reading aloud as a tangible homework assignment, like doing exercises in a workbook, and evaluate students’ oral reading skills as a test.

Lingo Mii is groundbreaking because it simultaneously “visualizes” reading aloud as an assignment and “scores” it as a test. I’m convinced that it is a game changer that will put “school English” and “English for exams” in Japan on the right track.

[Fukuoka City / Japan]
Good Chance Academy
Mr. Ichiro Ohgushi
The Platform for Visualizing Sound
What is Lingo Mii?
English conversation actually consists of sounds. However, sounds are invisible. In fact, this "sound invisibility" is the biggest cause of the difficulty in learning English conversation.
Lingo Mii is a system that visualizes sounds with the power of AI and uses ChatGPT to dramatically improve the effectiveness of English conversation learning and teaching efficiency.
Lingo Mii is also available as a free branded service for your school, built on the latest AI Tech. This allows you to have your own learning management system at zero cost, and to improve your operational efficiency and learning efficiency.
Contributing to English Learning
How Lingo Mii was developed
Our story begins four years ago. At that time, we planned and developed various IT services and IoT devices in Japan, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen, China. Negotiations and other activities during that time were conducted in English. However, when we landed in the U.S. to expand our business, we had trouble communicating with clients and investors, which resulted in the shutdown of our business and the dissolution of our team. This experience was a major turning point for me.

I realized the importance of English pronunciation and decided to use my skills as an engineer to solve my own problems and to help others with the same problems, and with the advice of my co-founder and pronunciation instructor, Alexander, and many research institutions, including Professor Mark, a linguist at the University of Pennsylvania, I began to work on the development of "Lingo Mii. We worked on the development of "Lingo Mii" with advice from many research institutions, including Alexander, co-founder and pronunciation teacher, and Professor Mark, linguist at the University of Pennsylvania.

The current version of Lingo Mii is the result of more than two years of trial and error in Los Angeles, California, with more than 1,000 students from more than 20 different ethnic groups and 10 different schools.

"Lingo Mii" focuses on "solving pronunciation problems" in English conversation, as opposed to vocabulary and grammar, where Japanese are considered strong.
The key to learning pronunciation in practical English conversation lies in speaking and listening, both of which consist of sounds.

However, we were faced with the reality that sound is invisible and therefore difficult to learn.
"Lingo Mii" has therefore adopted an innovative approach to visualizing sound.

This system allows students to intuitively understand sounds and improve their English pronunciation. It also leverages the power of AI to effectively manage and analyze learning data, thereby reducing the burden on teachers.

Our goal is to help students become confident English speakers. To that end, Lingo Mii provides a wealth of practice material and feedback to support students' growth. Lingo Mii also provides teachers with excellent management tools to help them track the progress and challenges of each student.

We hope that our experience and technology will help your school and your students to achieve "world-class English conversation learning".
Founder / CEO:Kyo Ueda

Founder / CEO:Kyo Ueda
2023 Aug
  • WorldFestival 2023 Top 50 Startups, exhibition in San Mateo
2023 June
  • Exhibited at Collition2023 Toronto, the largest Tech event in North America
  • Presentation at L.A Tech Week in Los Angeles
2023 May
  • Exhibit at SELECT LA, Los Angeles' largest investment institution and international business festival
2023 Apr
  • Panel discussion on Generative AI at CIC Tokyo
2022 Nov
  • Alliance with Benesse Group GGE
2022 Oct
  • Founder Kyo Ueda was featured in JETRO's special feature on entrepreneurs
  • Selected, presented and exhibited at Tech Crunch Disrupt 2022, the world's largest tech event in San Francisco
2022 Sep
  • Exhibited at StartEd, the world's largest EdTech event in New York
2022 Jun
  • Kyo Ueda, founder, featured in Los Angeles magazine LightHouse
2022 May
  • Co-founder Alexander appears on the American podcast LingQ
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